When outsourcing web development in India, consider the partner’s technical skills, communication, reliability, flexibility, quality, cost, project management, compliance, confidentiality, and intellectual property rights.

Boost Your Skills and Earning Potential with ICTNed’s Laravel Training for Bangladeshi Developers

As a Dutch company with 20 years of experience in web development outsourcing, ICTNed has learned from experience what works and what doesn’t when it comes to working with foreign customers. One thing we have noticed is that foreign customers can become frustrated when they have to test and retest websites multiple times, or when developers start working without fully understanding the customer’s wishes. To address these issues, ICTNed is providing Laravel training to developers in Bangladesh. Our training doesn’t just focus on coding, but also on understanding project requirements and ensuring that the client is happy with the final product. Here are some reasons why Bangladeshi developers should join our course:

1. Improve communication skills

Make sure the web development outsourcing partner has the necessary technical skills to meet your needs, including specific programming languages and frameworks or CMS’s.  

2. Enhance problem-solving skills

Good communication is essential in any outsourcing relationship. Ensure the partner communicates effectively in English and that there are regular check-ins to keep everyone informed of progress and any issues that arise.  

3. Learn best practices

Look for a partner with a proven track record of reliability and delivering projects on time.  

4. Boost confidence and earning potential

Make sure the partner is flexible and able to respond quickly to changes as needed. This may be important if there are changes to requirements or scheduling during the project.   Overall, our course is  a great opportunity for Bangladeshi developers to improve their skills and increase their chances of success in the competitive world of web development. By learning how to effectively communicate with clients, solve problems, and follow best practices, they will be able to deliver high-quality work that meets the standards of foreign customers. So if you’re a Bangladeshi developer looking to improve your skills, boost your confidence, and increase your earning potential, consider joining our course at ICTNed. With our experience and expertise in web development outsourcing, we are well-equipped to provide the training and support you need to succeed in this field.