Has it always been your dream to be creative? Would you like to work as a graphic designer? More and more companies are hiring graphic designers online through freelance platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr. ICTNed is a Dutch company that focuses on web development, digital marketing and graphic design.

Our course is made for individuals who want to learn how to work as graphic designers according to European and American quality standards. ICTNed is officially registered as an outsourcing company and guarantees you top-notch training, tutoring, updated educational resources, and course fees that remain constant.

Our ICTNed online course in graphic design teaches students skills that allow them to work anywhere as a junior Graphic Designer. Our courses cover all relevant design and graphic design topics to participants in a comprehensive and understandable manner.

This course provides you with the knowledge to earn a good income as a graphic designer. We have designed the course bearing in mind that you are a beginner who would want to learn web design cheaply and efficiently.

Course introduction

In this course, as a beginner, you will learn the basics of the Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop) and Sketch and also learn how to work with them together to design everything from logos to posters or books. By mastering these essential design programs, you’ll be able to find full time or freelance employment and understand client briefs with ease. The essence of this course is;


To familiarize you with basic principles and fundamentals in visual art and design.


To develop basic skills using tools and theory used in the design process.


To understand the creative process, develop techniques and methods of creative problem solving and art creation through Graphic Design.


To introduce terminology necessary to communicate concepts and theory in Graphic Design. Create computer-based projects using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator software programs.

As you study this course at ICTNed, a Dutch company that focuses on web development, digital marketing and graphic design, you will learn the tools you need to start a design project and how to organize your deliverables, as well as understand the fundamentals of color, typography, elements, and layout.
As a newbie this course has everything you need. We have highly skilled tutors who have years of experience teaching graphic design.

You’ll learn the following subjects:

  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Introduction to typography
  • Introduction to layouting
  • Colors and color combinations in graphic design
  • Image selection
  • Photoshop filters and tools
  • Social media and print design
  • Introduction to illustrator
  • Logo design
  • Introduction to Indesign
  • Print design for beginners

Course Subjects

Image selection

In this module, we will teach you how Images are a powerful force in design. No matter what the subject, we’re naturally drawn to them. From beautiful, high-definition photos to carefully crafted graphics, they’re usually the first thing we see.

Introduction to layouting

In our course, you will learn Layout design which is a fundamental branch of graphic design that concerns the arrangement of text and visuals. The effectiveness of every type of design, from print to web, is largely influenced by layout. An effective layout not only looks attractive, but also helps the viewer understand the message the design is conveying.

Introduction to Indesign

This course offers in-depth knowledge of the Adobe InDesign software program. It introduces students to basic hardware and software, standard input and output devices, and basic troubleshooting in a graphic design environment. Students will also gain experience in typesetting and preparing single-page and multi-page layouts for publication.

Introduction to illustrator

Our beginner Adobe Illustrator tutorials will give you a solid grounding in Illustrator’s basic tools and techniques. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the workspace and how to open and save your images and much more about this software that works magic in Graphic Design.

Introduction to typography

This course introduces the techniques used in typography, which is the visual communication of information through type. A historical perspective will trace the development of typography from its beginning to its current use in graphic design.. You will have an opportunity to acquire and demonstrate the use of the typographic skills necessary in today’s graphic design work.

Colors and color combinations in graphic design

Color conveys messages and can create a sense of emotion or mood. We will take you step by step through this critical part of graphic design. The mood can vary, depending on different color combinations. Colors have lots of psychology associated with them. Graphic designers learn about color theory, and they use it in their work.

Social media and print design

Get knowledge on Social media design which entails the planning, development, and creation of visual content on social media platforms. Investing in design helps brands build recognition and create content that resonates with their target audience. A good graphic design captivates the viewer’s attention , makes brands memorable, and drives huge engagement social media profiles as well as websites.

Introduction to Photoshop

Whether you’re designing a poster or looking to retouch photos. A good grasp of this software will land you very well paying jobs.

Photoshop filters and tools

Our course has an in-depth description on Photoshop filters and how they allow you to quickly change layer contents. These include simple effects, like sharpening or stylizing an image (adding a craquelure effect or glowing the edges). Some filters offer more advanced effects, such as applying a high-pass filter or offsetting the image pixels.

Logo design

One of the most important parts of a brand is its logo and this graphic design course from ICTNed, will teach you the requirements and processes for designing your own logos. Along with the fundamentals of logo design, this Understanding the Essentials and of a Professional Logo course will give you techniques, guidelines and best practices for logo design, and top tips on how to convert your skills to adverts and then to sales.

Print design for beginners

If you’re looking for beginner tips on how to get started with print design, you’ll gain skills to up your game. Broken down into short lessons, each class offers you the opportunity to create and share hands-on projects, and tap into a community of creators.

Why you should do this course


Get paid for being creative

Graphic designers express their creativity every day. As well as picking color palettes and choosing imagery and type they also have to think ‘outside the box’ to solve challenging briefs. If you’re a creative type, with a good eye for detail, graphic design gives you the opportunity to bring your ideas to life. At ICTNed, we will equip you with the American and European design skills that will give you a competitive advantage in the Design market..


Make a real difference

Every design project from a small flyer to a major advertising campaign has the potential to make a difference.


There are a lot of opportunities available

It is our joy to give you what you need to develop skills in the field of Graphic Design. Nowadays many companies and clients don’t mind where you work as long as you produce the goods.


Be your own boss

The best thing about Graphic Design and why you should study it with ICTNed is that there are lots of opportunities for designers to work for themselves, from freelancing to setting up your own agency. Some designers even launch their own commercial brands using their marketing and artistic skills to promote their own product ranges.


Work from home

Working from home is the new trend now and this graphic design course provides you with the tools and skills to work from home.

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