Khulna Job Training Courses

An overview of the job training courses that we provide online through Zoom and from our office located in Shiromoni, Khulna Highway opposite the police training center. Please feel free to contact us for any further information. 


Web development course

Junior Divi theme WordPress developer 

A great course consisting out of multiple classes that focusses on teaching the trainee the basics of WordPress website development.  This course is a must for any CSE student who wishes to find a good paying web development job after graduation.

Web development

Junior PHP developer (Object Oriented Programming) 

Strong knowledge of PHP provides the knowledge fundamentals needed to become a skilled developer. This course focusses on all the basics required to become a good web developers. This course is a crucial course for CSE students planning to start a career in web development. 

Digital Marketing

Junior Digital Marketing Professional

This course prepares the applicant for a career in digital marketing. Teaching various digital marketing techniques including social media promotion, paid social media ad campaign setup, classified posting and the basics of search engine optimization. 


Fundamentals of Autocad in Architecture 

This course focusses on teaching architecture students strong Autocad fundamentals together with basica design rules and principles. The knowledge provided in this course is crucial for creating a good understandings of the basics of architectural design.

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