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Frequently Asked Question

How can I can contact your sales department?

You can reach our representative in your country or region by phone or you can send us an email with your contact details and prefered language of communication with the appropriate time to reach you. 

We normally contact our customers within 1 business day.

What do you need from me to give me a quote?

For web development projects, we need to receive a functional design document with your project specifications from you. Based on these specification we can provide you with a quote.

When you do not have a functional design document we can help you draft one.

To receive a graphic design quote from you we need the specifications and requirements of your task.

How can I pay for my purchased services?

You have the option to pay us online through Mastercard, Visa, PayPal and iDeal.

Which languages do you speak at ICTNed?

At ICTNed we can communicate in English, Dutch, Hindi and Bengali. When required we can also communicate in Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese.

How can I make an appointment with a sales agent?

You can make an appointment with us through our contact form, through our live chat support application on our website or by calling us on one of our phone numbers.

How can I report a problem with my application or hosting account?

Our live chat support tool is the best way to report urgent issues with an application that we are managing or your hosting account.

How can I become a sales agent for ICTNed?

Individuals with good knowledge of IT can apply to become authorized sales agents of ICTNed. You will be required to pass an oral examination of your knowledge on Zoom after which you will be given your certificate.

How can I become a partner company with ICTNed?

Companies interested in entering into a sales partnership with ICTNed can contact our business development department through email @

How can I apply for a job with your company?

You will find an overview of available jobs on our Facebook page. You can send us a message with your resume in a PDF file and information regarding the job that you want to apply for.

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How can i apply for an internship in your company?

Please visit our Facebook page and send us a message on our Facebook recruitment page. You can include a PDF document with your resume and inform us what the details are of the internship that you are applying for.

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