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Our teams of dedicated professionals, in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, provide the best services for the best prices. We do not compromise on quality. Low price does not mean low quality! Contact our team to discuss the pricing for your tasks.

Express Package


  • WordPress setup and installation
  • Theme customization
  • Basic plugin installation
  • Essential page creation
  • Content integration

Visionary Package


  • Advanced theme customization
  • E-commerce integration
  • Custom plugin development


Build Your Online Presence with Cutting-Edge WordPress Development

Get started on your stunning website with our basic WordPress package. Perfect for small businesses, freelancers, and those looking to establish an online presence. Easy platform, simple tools, and custom options to make your website reflect your brand and engage your audience. Start building your website today!

Launch Package


  • Campaign setup and optimization
  • Keyword research and ad creation
  • Landing page optimization
  • Conversion tracking
  • Performance monitoring

Exclusive Package


  • Advanced campaign optimization
  • Targeted keyword research and ad creation
  • Advanced landing page optimization
  • Multi-channel conversion tracking


Grow Your Business through Our Google ads Services (PPC Campaings) 

Boost your online visibility and drive conversions with our Google AdWords packages. Our team will help you with keyword research, ad creation and optimization, and performance tracking. Choose from Basic, Standard, Premium, and Elite packages to get the results you want.

Brand Builder Package


  • Canva logo and Canva logo plus
  • large-scale printing
  • Canva file or Vector images.Vector Logo
  • Multiple design options for your logo, including revisions and concept sketches
  • Option to add additional design services (business card, letterhead,Facebook cover for corporate page + Facebook small thumbnail image etc.)
  • Full ownership rights to the logo design
  • Final logo in various file formats for web and print use

Platinum Level Package


  • Custom Logo and Custom Logo plus
  • Logo, business card design
  • social media cover image
  •  social media thumbnail image
  • Vector Corporate
  • All features from the Visual Vanguard Package
  • Complete branding solution including business card design, letterhead design, Facebook cover for corporate page + Facebook small thumbnail image
  • Consistent and cohesive branding materials across all platforms
  • Comprehensive package with a scalable vector logo for profession


Bring Your Brand to Life with Professional Logo Design

Get a memorable and impactful logo with Ictned’s professional logo design services. Our experienced designers create custom logos tailored to your brand. Rely on us to create a unique and visually stunning logo that reflects your business and resonates with your target audience. Let’s create a logo that sets you apart from the competition.

Brand Builder Package


  • Google Ad Campaign
  • TikTok Ad Campaign
  • YouTube Ad Campaign
  • LinkedIn Ad Campaign

Platinum Level Package


  • Weekly blog articles
  • Regular social media posts
  • Share posts in relevant groups
  • Eye-catching social media graphics
  • Improve website SEO, run ads, and engage in forum discussions

Social Media Management

Unlock Your Online Presence with Expert Social Media Management

Discover the Power of Our Social Media Wizards! We specialize in setting up Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube pages for your business. Explore our affordable price list for unleashing the full potential of your online presence with Google Ad, TikTok Ad, YouTube Ad, and LinkedIn Ad campaigns.

Streamline Pro Package


  • Customer needs assessment
  • Solution design
  • Customized CRM development
  • User-friendly interface design

Custom CRP & ERM Solution


  • Requirements gathering
  • System design
  • Custom development
  • User interface design
  • Data migration
  • Testing


Streamline Your Business Operations with Custom ERP and CRM Development

Transform your business operations with our ERP and CRM development services. Our team of experts will help you create custom solutions using Laravel and NodeJS, delivering efficient and effective results. Let us help you streamline your processes and enhance your customer experience.

Targeted Reach Package


  • Facebook Ad account setup
  • Audience research and targeting
  • Ad creative design and copywriting
  • Ad campaign setup and management
  • Ongoing customer support

Branding strategy Package


  • Advanced tracking and measurement tools
  • Customized reporting and analysis
  • A/B testing and experimentation
  • Strategic planning and account management
  • Ongoing customer support.

Facebook ad configuration & Facebook boost plans

Reach Your Target Audience with Strategic Facebook Ads Configuration

Welcome to Ictned, where we help businesses succeed with Facebook Ad configuration and promotion. Our experts create custom strategies for your target audience and goals, delivering results. Trust us for all your Facebook Ad needs, small business to corporation. Get started today and see your business reach new heights.

Video Vantage Package


  • Account setup and management
  • Video ad creation
  • Target audience selection
  • Campaign optimization
  • Performance tracking and reporting
  • Ongoing customer support.

Branding strategy package


  • Advanced account setup
  • Custom video ad creation
  • Target audience research
  • Continuous optimization
  • Performance tracking
  • Dedicated support
  • Channel integration

YouTube Ad Configuration and YouTube Boost

Grow Your Business With YouTube Ads

Create compelling and engaging YouTube content with our packages. Our team will help you with whiteboard videos, promo videos, spokesperson videos, 2D animated videos, and voiceover options. Choose from Basic, Standard, Premium, and Elite packages to reach your target audience.