Welcome to ICTNed Suriname – Your Trusted IT Partner

At ICTNed, we are delighted to extend our presence to Guyana, ensuring that our clients in this region receive top-notch IT solutions and services. Allow us to introduce our dedicated representative in Guyana: Anthony Marcus.

About Anthony Marcus:

Anthony Marcus is the designated contact person for ICTNed in Guyana. With a passion for technology and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Anthony plays a crucial role in ensuring that our clients in Guyana receive personalized attention and the highest quality of IT services.

Contact Information:

The Relationship Between Guyana and ICTNed:

Guyana A serves as our local representation in Suriname and is closely involved in all business activities undertaken by ICTNed in this region. This collaboration enables us to operate efficiently and effectively, with Guyana acting as a bridge between our global operations and the local needs of our clients in Suriname.

Why Choose  Guyana:

  1. Local Expertise: Anthony Marcus brings local expertise to the table, understanding the unique technological landscape of Guyana and tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of clients in the region.
  2. Responsive Support: With Anthony as your point of contact, you can expect prompt and responsive support for all your IT inquiries and requirements.
  3. Global Standards: While based in Guyana, ICTNed Guyana adheres to the same global standards of excellence that define our brand, ensuring consistency and reliability in our IT solutions.

We are confident that Anthony Marcus’s presence in Guyana strengthens our commitment to delivering exceptional IT services. Whether you’re a business looking to enhance your technological infrastructure or an individual seeking expert IT advice, ICTNed Guyana is here to serve you.

For further inquiries or information, please feel free to reach out to Anthony Marcus. We look forward to being your trusted IT partner in Guyana.

Best regards,

The ICTNed Team