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WordPress Internship

Embark on a WordPress internship with Divi and Divi Express, coupled with ChatGPT lessons for WP development. Learn remotely, dedicating 5 hours daily. Enjoy daily 1-hour classes and personalized reviews. Access premium tools at no cost. Elevate your WordPress skills with our program

WordPress Training Highlights

ChatGPT for WordPress Development

Enhance your coding capabilities with ChatGPT, integrating AI-powered insights for WordPress development. Unlock creative solutions, streamline coding processes, and elevate your proficiency in building dynamic websites.

Cpanel Hosting with DNS Management

Master the art of website hosting and DNS management using Cpanel. Acquire hands-on experience in configuring servers, managing domains, and ensuring seamless website functionality

WooCommerce Expertise

Delve into the world of eCommerce with comprehensive training in WooCommerce. Learn to set up, customize, and optimize online stores, gaining the skills to thrive in the competitive online marketplace.

Divi Theme Mastery

Craft visually stunning websites effortlessly with Divi Theme mastery. Unleash the power of this versatile and user-friendly theme, enabling you to design and customize websites with ease

Divi Express Efficiency

Accelerate your website development with Divi Express. Streamline your workflow and create professional websites efficiently, harnessing the full potential of Divi Theme for unparalleled design flexibility.

6 Reasons to Apply for Our WordPress Internship Program

Free Skill Enhancement

Acquire invaluable WordPress skills at zero cost. Our unpaid internship provides a gateway to mastering WordPress, empowering you to build, customize, and manage websites effortlessly.

Global-Quality Training

Elevate your expertise with world-class WordPress training, delivering an international standard of education. Navigate the digital landscape confidently with our comprehensive courses

Premium Tools Access

Unleash your creativity with premium tools like ChatGPT 4, Divi theme, Divi Express, Cpanel hosting, and practice domain names. Explore the full potential of WordPress with top-notch resources at your fingertips.

Flexible Learning Schedule

Tailor your WordPress learning experience to fit your lifestyle. Our program enables you to study, practice, and master WordPress at your own convenience.

Self-Paced Progression

Progress through our courses at your own pace. Enjoy the flexibility to delve into WordPress intricacies, ensuring a personalized and comfortable learning journey.

Expert-Guided Learning

Benefit from insights shared by seasoned instructors. Our expert guides bring a wealth of knowledge to shape your WordPress skills effectively, ensuring a robust foundation for your journey in web development.


Engage in dynamic WordPress training within the Skype virtual classroom! Enjoy real-time screen sharing for hands-on learning. Ensure your spot with a reliable internet connection and a functional laptop or computer. Immerse yourself in the world of WordPress development from the comfort of your own space